Friday, April 16, 2010

Health Update ...

Some of you have checked in with me via emails, I love that - your thoughts and emails make me smile! Thanks - you know who you are!

Just a small update! I finally saw the Hematologist this past Wednesday (April 14th).
She ordered more blood tests. So I gave another 6, yes SIX, tubes of blood. AND she is requesting Bone Marrow testing. I am so not looking forward to that one!
There are 2 kinds of Bone Marrow testing. I don't know which one will be done, but I will prepare myself for the more uncomfortable one. I hear it's painful - more so afterwards.

That's where I am at right now health wise! Just waiting for the Dr's office to let me know that the authorization went thru (Insurance) and then schedule an appointment for the BM procedure. I'll keep you up dated on that as I know more!

I'm still feeling tired and zapped of energy. Some days are better than others, but I'm taking one minute at a time.

Keep those prayers, Faerie Dusts, Vibes & Mantras coming! ~S~


~Tonya said...

Hi Sandy, so sorry to hear that you are still not "yourself". Being tired and all that is no fun. The testing and waiting, even worse.

I have thought about you often and wondered how you were...I should have been one of those that emailed, just to know you were in my thoughts.

I am sending good vibes your way, prayers as well. You take care and keep us posted. Have a good weekend.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Hi Sandy,

So very glad to see you post again. Glad to hear you got to see the dr. Wew!!! Now it's just one day at a time. I will keep you in my prayers. I tacked up the little note you sent me to remind me to pray for you when I can.

Hang in there, trust the Lord and always remember, I'm here. God bless, Cathy

Mother Moon said...

so sorry to hear you are still under the weather yet glad to hear that you may be coming closer to what may be ailing you. Sending blessings and positive energy your way... take care.

Dandelion Dreams said...

Oh Nymfster,

I'm really sorry that they haven't figured all of this out yet. I know it plays on your nerves as much as everything else does.

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and meditations as well as asking the flowers to spread the word. I hope that things aren't too terribly bad and that you are able to be enjoying life some and just extra busy in that manner as to why you've not been around as well. The bone marrow one.... ick... yes, will send some extra energy on that one.

Just remember that you are loved by many and even when things may seem really scary or questionable that there are people both in your life and those of us who have just been fortunate enough to meet you in this manner and share in your creative spirit who will gladly listen to your worries and lend some extra hugs and energy to help get you through a rough day.

sprinkle sprinkle!!!! ;)

Bridgett said...

I will light a candle in honor of your gaining robust health.

Feel better.

Yarni Gras! said...

still sending all those good things your way. Prayers especially!

vivian said...

HI doll! Geez, I hope everythings alright with you. HOpefully those vampires can figure out what you need to fix you up! I'll say a prayer for good health and smart doctors!
keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wyspy !!!
I'm so sad to hear you have to go through all of this. I sure hope they can help you, so you will be feeling better soon !!
Hang in there and I'm sending you lot of healing vibes and faery hugs from The Netherlands ; )

Anonymous said...

hope you're doing ok ??? Just dropping by to wish you a magical weekend.
Hugs from The Netherlands ;)

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Hey Girl, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you find healing and wellness. God bless. Cathy

Anonymous said...

how are you doing. I miss your posts, or have you moved elsewhere ???
Just let me know. You know where to find me ??? I have been off for a while due to surgery, but am on the mend now.
Hugs from The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going ok Sandy and you are feeling better. Did you have the BM procedure? I wish I'd read your post earlier and given you my advice on that. I've had 12 BM aspirates during my treatment for leukaemia and have never had any major discomfort. Just insist on having a dose of madazalan prior to the procedure. I think any doctor who performs it without is just cruel.

All the best.